WorkSafe B.C. (Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia) regulations require all rigging operators to have proof of legislated training.


Our Rigging Course is designed to educate and reinforce operator responsibilities.




To provide the rigging operator with:

- the skills to rig safely

- an understanding of the components, inspections, maintenance and handling characteristics


During the course the operator will:

- receive theory and practical instruction

- complete a test on theory and practical

- receive a workbook and writing materials


Upon successful completion each student will receive:

- a diploma

- a photo ID certification card



- an understanding of English

- steel toed boots

- leather gloves




The theory session covers many headings including:

  • Basic Rigging (Sling Angles, Load Weight & Centre Of Gravity)
  • Rigging Problems
  • Rigging Safety
  • Wire Rope
  • Slings (Identification)
  • Fittings (WLL or SWL)
  • Hooks & Latches
  • Chain Sling
  • Web Sling
  • WorkSafe B.C. Hand Signals

Course Length: available in 8 or 16 hours



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