WorksSafe B.C. (Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia) regulations, B335-94, require all forklift operators to have proof of legislated training.


We are a B.C. company exclusively engaged in mobile equipment safety, training, and data management issues. Our Forklift Operator course is the most comprehensive, accurate and practical available today. Hunter Industries introduces topics that will instil a pro-active attitude toward safety of operator, machine and product, there by reducing maintenance costs as well as increasing productivity. Studies show course graduates achieve a reduction in operator errors of over 70%!


Our Forklift Operator Certification Courses address issues above and beyond the material mandated by WorkSafe B.C. (Workers' Compensation Board). This course includes all types of forklifts including: sit down counterbalance, stand up, reach truck and pallet truck. Training with Hunter Industries Ltd. is a must to ensure you obtain employment as a professional forklift operator.





To provide the operator with:

- an understanding of forklift handling characteristics

- basic technical considerations and forklift dynamics

- an understanding of primary regulations

- a bench-mark for improving operating skills

- a desire to maintain his/her vehicle in good working order

- how to operate safely and efficiently


During the course the operator will:

- receive theory and practical instruction

- complete a test on theory and practical

- receive a workbook and writing materials


Upon successful completion each student will receive:

- a diploma

- a photo ID certification card



- an understanding of English

- steel toed boots

- ability to drive an automobile



COURSE CONTENT (CSA Standard B335-04)


The theory session covers numerous headings including:

  • Regulations
  • Types of Lift Trucks
  • Physics
  • Components
  • Controls
  • Freelift
  • Capacity
  • Stability
  • Pre-shift Checks
  • Operation
  • Propane
  • Electric

The practical session includes:

  • Pre-shift Inspection
  • Placing and Picking a Load
  • Restricted Turns
  • Parking
  • General Operation





Forklift Operator Beginner Training Course:

This course is designed for students that have less than 6 months experience operating a forklift or no experience at all. Students receive 8 hours of theory instruction and 8 hours of practical instruction.




Forklift Experienced Operator Training Course:

This course is designed for students that have a minimum of 6 months current experience operating a forklift. Students receive 8 hours of theory instruction and practical evaluation/instruction at your work site.




Forklift Operator Refresher Training Course:

This course is designed for students that have an expired forklift operator certification, no more than 30 days past expiry date. Students receive 8 hours of refresher theory instruction. Students must verify certification with office staff at Hunter Industries. Phone for more information.




Weekday and weekend courses available! Call 604-513-8228 now for a training schedule!