The WorkSafe Occupational Health and Safety Regulations require workers to use a fall protection system when working at a height of 3 m (10 ft.) or more, or where a fall from a lesser height may result in more serious injuries than landing on a flat surface.

Hunter Industries Fall Protection program ensures Due Diligence requirements are met by including securement of tools, etc. while workers are at height.


To provide the operator with:

  • understanding the ABC's of fall protection
  • basic technical considerations
  • an understanding of primary regulations
  • basic information on harness, connecting device & anchor point inspections
  • a desire to maintain his/her fall gear

During the course the operator will:

  • receive theory and practical instruction
  • complete a test on theory and practical
  • receive a workbook and writing materials

Upon successful completion each student will receive:

  • a diploma
  • a plastic certification card


  • an understanding of English
  • certified safety toed boots


The theory session covers numerous topics including:

The practical session includes:

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