About Us

Hunter Industries' focus on customized solutions is what makes us different. Unlike other companies who offer pre-packaged or off-the-shelf training, we create services and products that are tailored to meet each of our customers' needs.

Meeting your requirements, our services can range from simple to complex; from needs assessments, training manuals and workshops, to comprehensive training systems using modern technology. Specialty areas include operator training, curriculum design, maintenance training, team-building, and the design of competency-based training systems for employees at all levels.

Hunter Industries Ltd., through its 22+ years of training and interaction with municipalities, corporations, and companies, has developed a network base which gives us a deep insight into the safety and productivity requirements of most companies. Our consulting has helped many companies improve employee performance.

In short, Hunter Industries Ltd. delivers practical solutions for your due diligence requirements through our commitment to quality, customized solutions and outstanding customer service which makes us a cost-effective means to improve your workforce productivity, safety and compliance.

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